When you think you’re almost complete with your interior decoration projects, just remember: after finding the perfect lampshade understand you need to do the lamp right and pick out the perfect finial. At Heath & Company there is a large selection and variety of finials for you to choose from. Think of your lampshade as the hair, and the final as the earrings. Choosing a finial for your lamp is a visual process. There isn’t a specific formula to selecting the right finial, but visual balance is key, the whole process is pretty easy. If the lamp has a ton of detail, you don’t want to select a scene-stealing finial. However if you have a lamp with a simple, sleek design and pattern, feel free to take it up a notch on top. One of the favorite go-to finials is a cylindrical lucite number, but we also keep a few super simple brass, nickel and chrome versions on hand for when you need the bare minimum.

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